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NEW STRAIN: Glass Slipper!

Our Glass Slipper is a delightful cross of Cinderella 99 and LA Confidential. This sativa hybrid delivers an upbeat high that will slip you into a motivated and focused feeling that lasts throughout the day. Available for the first time on REC Fire Shelf on Thursday, November 8th!


Sueno will charm you with sweetness and enthrall you with a dreamy high. This euphoric hybrid is a cross of two legendary strains, Blue Dream and Sour Diesel. Sueno lives up to it’s parents epic heritage, displaying ample trichomes, a sweet aroma, and a unique effect. We now also accept debit cards!

NEW STRAIN: Sour Tangie!

Sour Tangie is the newest strain to hit our shelves! Released October 11th, 2018, this is a sativa power house that’s packed with an intense citrus aroma. Large dense buds are frosted with trichomes, and offer an energetic high. This strain is perfect for sativa lovers, or whenever you need a little pep in your […]

NEW STRAIN: Birthday Cake!

Birthday Cake is the newest strain to hit our shelves! This sought after strain packs a sweet mellow flavor and a relaxing high. Reach for Birthday Cake whenever you want to celebrate the good things in life, or relax away the stress of the day

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