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Birthday Cake

This sought after hybrid strain packs a sweet mellow flavor and a relaxing high. Reach for Birthday Cake whenever you want to celebrate the good things in life, or relax away the stress of the day!

Billy D

You won’t need to use “The Force” to tell that this Jedi Kush x Sour Diesel cross is a winner! Billy D is a stellar sativa hybrid that offers a clear headed high, that is reminiscent of it’s Sour Diesel heritage. Additional cannabinoids and terpenes often present in this strain: CBCa CBC CBGa CBG β-Caryophyllene […]


Boasting numerous awards, GG#4 is a three strain sativa-leaning hybrid cross. When smoked GG#4 offers an effect that begins mellow, but then settles into a sedative body high. The aroma of GG#4 can be compared to coffee and chocolate with subtle earthy undertones. Flavorful, potent and oh so sticky, GG#4 has quickly become a highly […]

San Fernando Valley OG

San Fernando Valley OG or the “SFV OG” is an indica hybrid that boasts a pungent sour earth smell akin to that of a true OG Kush. SFV OG is a member of the OG Kush family and as the name suggests hails it’s origin to the San Fernando Valley in California. Small dense buds […]

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