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Billy D

You won’t need to use “The Force” to tell that this Jedi Kush x Sour Diesel cross is a winner! Billy D is a stellar sativa hybrid that offers a clear headed high, that is reminiscent of it’s Sour Diesel heritage. Additional cannabinoids and terpenes often present in this strain: CBCa CBC CBGa CBG β-Caryophyllene […]


Harlequin is a sativa dominant High CBD strain consisting of a cross between Columbian Gold, Thai and Swiss Landrace strains. While smoking Harlequin hints of herbal, earthy, and spicy flavors mingle on the tongue, and provide a mild, euphoric, uplifting, relaxed high. Harlequin is a great strain for anyone looking to relieve pain or treat […]

Casey Jones

Casey Jones is a wonderful upbeat sativa strain. A former cannabis cup winner, Casey Jones boasts impressive genetics of East Coast Sour Diesel x Oriental Express. Expect a pungent crisp lemon smell and a clean sweet taste. This uplifting sativa offers a soaring head high with a stimulating body high that is sure to get […]


A Prohibition Herb original! This sativa comes from our own awesome genetics. Riptide offers a balanced, heady, coherent high that leaves you with a body buzz that is worry-free and light feeling. Riptide is a truly unique sativa strain that you won’t find anywhere else. Additional cannabinoids and terpenes often found in this strain: CBCa […]

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