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Billy D

You won’t need to use “The Force” to tell that this Jedi Kush x Sour Diesel cross is a winner! Billy D is a stellar sativa hybrid that offers a clear headed high, that is reminiscent of it’s Sour Diesel heritage. Additional cannabinoids and terpenes often present in this strain: CBCa CBC CBGa CBG β-Caryophyllene […]

Sour White

Sour white is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Additional cannabinoids and terpenes found often in this strain: CBC CBCa CBGa CBG β-Myrcene δ-Limonene β-Caryophyllene Linalool α-Humulene trans-Nerolidol β-Pinene α-Pinene (-)-α-Bisabolol Click here for our current availability and pricing!


Our Headband hails from California, while it’s exact heritage is shrouded in mystery we do know it is Headband X Sour Diesel, making it a backcross of itself. Pungent airy buds exude a sour and earthy smell. You can expect a cerebral, creative head high paired with a heavy body high, making it a perfect […]

Blue Diesel

Blue Diesel tastes like a sour blueberry pie. With dense, icy trichomes and a sweet and sour aroma, this hybrid high hits hard, is long-lasting, and gives off a strong indica buzz. Additional cannabinoids and terpenes found often in this strain: CBG CBGa CBCa β-Myrcene β-Caryophyllene δ-Limonene α-Humulene Click here for our current availability and […]

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